Quick Start

pplapi is a flexible tool that can be used in many different ways. This page contains suggestions to help introduce some of its unique functionality.

Browse the countries and agents

It can be kindof fun to look at the people who live in different countries. There is no software to install; just click these links and look around.

Use pplapi inside your research environment

If you are doing statistics with R or modeling with NetLogo or MASON, then these examples will help you to get started. However, you will find that pplapi makes it easy to integrate with almost any software that can read CSV or JSON.

Download the Static Datasets

If you like to see your data as a big table using software like Excel or R, you can simply download n=1,000, n=10,000, and n=100,000 data sets to play around. See Static Samples for downloads.

Randomly sample from the world population

In case you want to randomly sample from the set of all agents, the API can help out. Take a look at Sample from Agents (CSV) for more information.

Randomly sample from specific countries

It is possible to sample from a specific country, which will return only agents from the country specified. Take a look at Sample from Agents in a Country (CSV) for more information.

Bigger Data

In case you have a specific requirement, pplapi may be able to help. Please get in touch.

Next Steps

  • read about the API. See API by Example to learn all about it.
  • learn how to use pplapi with your research environment. See Software Examples for more information.