There is only one social network.

pplapi is a virtual database of the entire human population.
Easily incorporate pplapi into research, products, and decisions.

Massive social data
for everybody

pplapi provides instant access to a multiple-terabyte simulation of everyone alive on Earth. pplapi is built to integrate with your research environment; in particular, Agent Modeling systems like NetLogo and MASON. Behavioral models may be explored using LISP. Use pplapi with statistics software like R, SPSS, and Excel. RESTful JSON enables API integration for your applications.

Together, we are part
of something bigger

pplapi orients your work towards the entire human population. This technology is based on Agent Space, which is the universal set of all intelligent agents. Currently, Agent Space contains a simulated entry for each of the ~7 billion humans alive in 2014, who are all addressable with pplapi.

Get started with a CSV containing n=10,000 Agents.

Download CSV.

How can pplapi help you?

pplapi provides solutions for many kinds of users.


  • Bridge social networks.
  • Gather starting values for simulations.
  • Characterize your empirical samples.
  • Debug analyses for pre-registration.
  • Unify meta-analytic studies within a single dataset.


  • Add plausibility to digital agents.
  • Generate lorem ipsum user profiles.
  • Seed character profiles for gaming.
  • Validate assumptions with sample demographics.


  • Explore international demographics in a sociology or geography curriculum.
  • Introduce statistical principles. Each student gets unique data.